The Benefits Of Wet Blasting You Should Know

wet blasting is the process of mixing dry abrasives with water in various ways, including; water injection nozzles, halo nozzles, wet blast rooms, and modified blast pots. In water injection nozzles, the abrasive is first dampened before it is allowed to leave the blast nozzle; in the halo nozzle, the abrasive gets dampened using a mist while leaving the blast nozzle, while in wet blast rooms, the utilized abrasive and water are retrieved, pumped and recycled. Lastly, the water and abrasive in modified blast pots are stored under air or water pressure. Wet blasting is common and known to be more beneficial; here are the benefits that come with the process;

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Reduces dust

The process involves the use of water; this is essential in reducing the amount of dust produced during the blasting process. This makes the process more eco-friendly and acceptable almost in every company. Moreover, its ability to reduce the amount of dust in production offers total protection to the operator, workers around the system, and any other machines or things that can be easily damaged by dust. Remember, dust is considered the source of many air-borne diseases, and therefore, its reduction means that the environment and the people around are safe.

Enhances cleanliness

Wet blasting ensures the production of clean surfaces on the materials. The process removes any oxidation layers from the surfaces before cleaning them, ensuring they are at their best. The fact that wet blasting produces cleaner surfaces means that the process can be very effective on products that proceed to plating, painting, coating, and bonding. Therefore, it is highly recommended as it also protects the surroundings and the health of the people working around it.


The wet blasting process reduces the general running costs, and the idea of adding water to the process enables users to control the effect to be felt on the workpieces easily. Adjusting water and air pressure reduce abrasive media consumption; moreover, the water used is abrasive-cushioned, thus increasing the materials' lifespan by reducing the chances of the hoses and nozzles wearing tearing. Therefore when there is minor wear and tear, the money and time needed for maintenance are less when compared the other blasting process. This makes the process economical both on the materials being blasted and the materials used in blasting.

Environmentally friendly

As mentioned earlier, every aspect of wet blasting is environment friendly, and thus this makes the process more admirable. Using water in the process makes it eco-friendly as it eliminates all the dust or any need to acquire massive filtrations systems which might not favor the surrounding. In addition, zero chemicals are added to the process that threatens the environment, and the waste routes are the simplest to manage in the process, thus safe under all conditions.

Final thoughts

Wet blasting is one of the best blasting methods that companies should adopt; it gives clean surfaces while ensuring the surrounding is at their best. Moreover, it is cheaper to maintain, making it outstanding among the many others; if you have been stuck on the other blasting methods, you should take time and consider wet blasting.